The city that makes noise about loving the arts tears down a theater

Too small for Broadway travelers too ugly to save

The Mechanic Theater is an example of architectural Brutalism. It is a somewhat controversial style. For this reason it should be preserved, but…

The Baltimore Development Corp – BDC also thought of as the Baltimore Downtown Cronies has decided that the Morris Mechanic theater has to go. This quasi-governmental organization, one which has no transparency or accountability, has ordered the destruction of a theater. Its lapdogs at City Hall fall in line and do what they’re told.


Up go the screened construction fences. They’re screened not so much for safety or keeping the dust down (seriously when you have ever seen dust stop at a door screen) but to keep the shenanigans out of sight of those Baltimoreans who don’t like the idea that city government is taking away the uniqueness of our city on brick at a time. Well one brick at a time until they can figure out how to wipe it out wholesale.

 The mess behind the wire.

GoodbyeBalt 2

Windows gone and drywall not long for this world.

GoodbyeBalt 3

 and the mess continues…

Not trace of what was once here – when you’re in the way they wipe you out